Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Man without Limbs

I am so thrilled by seeing all videos of Nick Vujicic, a man without limbs who has a great passion to live, never give up in everything, and serve God with all he is and he has.

Everytime I saw his smile, I get the real understanding about how to be thankful, to thank this life I have.
And evertime I saw him, I do cry a lot and all his videos made me say, "forgive me, Lord..

it's me again.."

Nick in Indonesia

Nicholai Vujicic.
Your life has become an influenced for many people.
You have taught us so much thing about God's works and how He works amazingly and beautifully in somebody's life.

Thanks for becoming a great inspiration for me.

God bless you, Nick!


evan 'toghe' said...

bgs clar.

clara said...

thankss landroo ;)

evan 'toghe' said...

sama2 daniellaaa. hehe